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Mountain magic - part 2
20 December 2016

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Great catch Rob!
18 July 2012

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Cruisin' - part 1
20 April 2012

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In the zone
30 October 2010

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Golden brew
7 September 2010

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Meet Honeycomb
28 July 2010

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The wheel turns
17 July 2010

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Nara Peace Park
27 April 2010

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Timeless Interval
21 April 2010

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Glasshouse Rocks
18 April 2010

Recent Comments

Gemma Wiseman on Wise and proud
There's a quiet strength in this owl. Stunning.

Captain Guildive Ajoupa on Don't cross me
Ce sont de véritables héros.

Rick on Reaching out
Well seen and very well photographed. This is the kind of locale that I could revel in for many hours, wandering the ...

Rick on Don't cross me
Ah, but YOU have a superpower of your own : your trusty camera capabilities ! Excellent ST shot.

Existence Artistique on Don't cross me

Steve Rice on Don't cross me
A wise choice since Thor seems to want use that hammer. An excellent capture of these super heroes!

Ruthiebear on Don't cross me
WHat a fabulous moment!

Mhelene on Don't cross me
Ah...Super Heroes ...! Great capture . Happy ST !

Hiro on Don't cross me
Happy ST !

Devi on Don't cross me
a great shot !!! very very impressive !

grouser on Don't cross me
Iron man is looking remarkably plaSTic :) Excellent STreet scene

Martine Libouton on Don't cross me
Haaa oui tu a bien fait ! Une belle prise !

Ronnie 2¢ on Don't cross me
Here comes trouble !

Michael Skorulski on Don't cross me

Martine on Don't cross me
Ils font peur !

Elaine Hancock on Reaching out
It makes an interesting sculpture! And it does look like an arm! What a gorgeous beach!

Existence Artistique on Reaching out

Steve Rice on Reaching out
A hand from the grave! It's Halloween and a spooky one, too. ;-)

Mhelene on Reaching out
...Like the hand of the capitain Hook...Superb composition .

B. Thomas on Reaching out
Wonderful shot.

Ana Lúcia on Reaching out
This has a lot of visual interest!

Hiro on Reaching out
Very interesting shape !

Ruthiebear on Reaching out
Beautifully composed and focused

Steven on Reaching out
A great find along the beach! Hopefully it won't seek a leg to grasp and scare someone. :-) I love the ...

Martine Libouton on Reaching out
Un très beau paysage !

Phil Morris on Reaching out
I never realized the star signs to hit are so hidden on this page, but I actually found them.

Phil Morris on Reaching out
It looks like Long John Silver reaching out to come back to life and only at one point does the tree blend into the ...

grouser on Reaching out
I almost have the puny human in my grasp :) Excellent

Ronnie 2¢ on Reaching out
Looks very determined . . stand well back !

Anna Cherer on Reaching out
Excellent composition !

Devi on Reaching out
Looks like a petroified sea monster from an angle !A great find and shot :)

Phil Morris on Art, Not Apart - part 6
The face is iconic. And your cropping is perfection, as good as it gets !

Steve Rice on Art, Not Apart - part 6
A cool image of the string man and a cool series.

Hiro on Art, Not Apart - part 6
Impressive performer ! You captured him nicely !

Mhelene on Art, Not Apart - part 6
Magnifique !!! A superb portrait !

Elaine Hancock on Art, Not Apart - part 6
Fabulous color and a great portrait! That must have been such an interesting festival!

Martine on Art, Not Apart - part 6
Magnifique portrait, j'aime les couleurs.

Existence Artistique on Art, Not Apart - part 6

Ruthiebear on Art, Not Apart - part 6
Compelling image - added to by the contrast of colors.

Rick on Art, Not Apart - part 6
A riveting portrait, resplendent in complimentary colour tones and boasting superb image quality !

Steven on Art, Not Apart - part 6
If looks could kill! Beautiful colors and light captured here!!

Devi on Art, Not Apart - part 3
amazing water shot with the people !

Devi on Art, Not Apart - part 4
Lovely !! Feel cool here :)

Devi on Art, Not Apart - part 5
a very crisp shot :))))))))))))))))))

Devi on Art, Not Apart - part 6
an impressive portrait here ! Superb shot :)

grouser on Art, Not Apart - part 6
Striking portrait. The ability of a length of almost anything to tangle itself always amazes me :)

Martine Libouton on Art, Not Apart - part 6
J'adore superbe prise !!!5*

Hiro on Art, Not Apart - part 5
Nice cheerful atmosphere !

Rick on Art, Not Apart - part 4
Yeah, this is a blast and what a great subject for a photographer.

Rick on Art, Not Apart - part 5
Great happy vibes in the compo !

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